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Nathan Casey
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David and NathanNathan Casey

January 25th – Born male in Helena, MT on a couch. 10 years later, the couch was disposed of. It was a nice couch, though.

My older sister, Sarah, slammed my thumb in the door and nearly cut it off. The doctor sewed it back on and I forgave my sister after I undressed all her Barbie's and threw them out the window.

On my birthday I was given a Knight Rider hot cycle with a windshield! I am still undefeated on the Lincoln Park course.

The longest, most intense ongoing crisis of my entire life began. I had just come back from McDonald's and was enjoying my Big Mac when I spotted something dangling from the meat. I looked closer to find the thickest, longest, most disgusting hair I have ever seen in my life. This in itself makes for a pathetic crisis, but since that day, hair has haunted my food. I have the "gift" to find hair in any food, whether I'm looking for it or not. And I have not eaten at McDonalds since that day.

- Became immortalized in the Lincoln Elementary School 5th grade music talent show by winning with a rendition of Native Son (James Taylor) on piano. 1st prize was a huge bag of tootsie rolls which was gone by the end of recess.
- My family bet me $50 I couldn't go half an hour without making an annoying sound. I lost after 5 minutes and they let me start over. I lost again.

Beside the firelight
The spinning wheel is purring
there so quietly.
Time goes by and by
One by one the soft coins
Falling evenly.
When I was a child
I was told to spin straw into gold.

"Straw Into Gold" David Casey

Began playing guitar.

-Accidentally took up playing the flute and didn't realize it until my Freshman year of High school. At that time I promptly quit and joined choir.
- Had my front left tooth knocked out while playing hockey at the neighborhood rink with my friend Tim. My D.A.R.E teacher called me "fang" for the next 3 weeks until I got it fixed.

- Read and fell in love with the "The Lord Of The Rings" by J.R.R Tolkien

It was hinted that I'd never make it into the band by playing guitar (because there were already enough of those in the family) and that my best chance was to be the bassist. I began learning the bass.

June - Played my first gig at Bert and Ernie's with my dad and brother.
- Won the high school gold medal in badminton at the Montana State Games

- Became the official bassist for Watercarvers Guild. Began learning notes on the 3rd and 4th strings.
- Went to Canada for an All-star baseball tournament and came back with a beard!

December 18th - Stood in line all day for "The Fellowship Of The Ring."

December 17th - Stood in line all day for "The Two Towers."

December 16th - Stood in line all day for "The Return Of The King."


Graduated from Carroll College with a bachelors degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Psychology, so now

I can analyze how I talk.  I’m not sure what else I can do

with it.  Also of note, I married my college sweetie. 

In case there was a speck doubt in anyone’s mind as to how much of a dork I am, we were married on July 1st because that’s when Aragorn and Arwen were married in

The Lord of the Rings.  What I find amazing about the whole thing is that my wife agreed to it. 



Fell in love with the sound of tin whistle and not so subtly hinted to my wife to buy me one for Christmas, specifying in my hints that it should be silver, in D, and not cheap.  Received a really nice silver D tin whistle for Christmas.






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