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Watercarvers Guild
Montana PBS 11th and Grant Studio with the Watercarvers Guild
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We hope you seekers of new contemporary acoustic music will enjoy your visit to our site. We have lots of photos, music samples, stories, news and information for your enjoyment. So we hope you’ll take the time to look around, visit the Store and all of the other nooks and crannies of our online home.

Watercarvers Guild is a unique father and sons acoustic band. We have recorded three CD’s, the newest being Balladeers and Aeronauts. Plus Darrell and David each have some great solo projects.

David has released a new children’s CD, Best Day Ever. What a great project! Check out the details below.

The music just keeps growing and spreading in all directions, as watercarvings tend to do. So as you look around the site, read the Bios and visit the Store, you’ll see where the music all began and see the various forms that it has taken up to this point. For those of you wondering about the meaning of “watercarver”, check out Darrell’s Bio. And if you would like to receive our newsletter by email, please sign up on the Contact page. Thanks so much for stopping by.Montana PBS's 11th and Grant will feature Watercarvers Guild on Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fall News

Watercarvers Guild on Emmy winning MT PBS's 11th and Grant!

Watercarvers Guild will be featured on the Emmy award winning program 11th and Grant on Thursday, November 15th at 7 pm and on Saturday, November 17th at 10 pm.  The one hour program features exclusive in-studio performances of songs from Balladeers and Aeronauts plus artist interviews with host Eric Funk. 

All our fans are invited to our premier screening party in Helena on November 15, hosted by MT PBS at Miller's Crossing with Eric Funk and Watercarvers Guild.  Join us for hors d'oeuvres at 6:30 and we'll all watch the show at 7 pm.  (I can't believe we're trying to get people out to a bar to watch TV!  Well, maybe just this once.)


Watercarvers Guild DVD! (11th and Grant program)

MT PBS is offering a special Watercarvers Guild DVD of the band's performance on 11th and Grant.  We will ship your order of of this limited edition DVD on December 10. Order one now for the perfect Christmas present -- made in Montana! 

Watercarvers Guild Christmas Show at the Civic Center

Watercarvers Guild will be bringing their annual Christmas show to the stage of the Helena Civic Center on Thursday, Nov. 29th.  Intermountain Children's Home is presenting this special concert for the opening of this year's Festival of Trees.  Tickets are $18 and are available Oct. 29th at the Civic Center Office.  Proceeds benefitIntermountain Children's Home.

David Casey's Best Day Ever

David's New Children's CD!

David Casey’s new solo CD is now available!  Best Day Ever is not only for kids.  It’s a hilarious adventure for the whole family.  Thirteen new songs that range from ukulele-fused reggae to a ranting accordion-polka to a new African drum-circle greeting-game, this album features over 20 different musical instruments.  David sings rollicking songs, tells offbeat stories, and closes the album with three beautiful lullabies. David wrote many of these songs to entertain his own kids.  Some were written as David and his wife, Deidre, were expecting.  “I found that writing a song for a child in utero is a great way to begin to connect with the baby.”  David’s wife, Deidre, and 3 of their 5 children join him singing on this project.  “It was such blast to capture the laughs and fun of singing with my own kids,” says David.

Balladeers and Aeronauts

David Casey has written a great collection of songs for this latest Watercarvers Guild album, character portraits mostly.  The two “aeronauts” on this new CD are Vincent Lunardi, the first hot air balloonist, in a song called “Sailing Away” with delightfully, soaring Celtic fiddle and mandolin; and “Amelia”, a soulful, melodic song about Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, who was lost at sea. There’s a light-hearted, bluegrass tune called “Neil Young Fan”, and the last song, “Angel in This House” is a very moving portrait of a young woman, performed on piano, guitar, fiddle and bass. Yet the meaning of this song is somewhat elusive, and listeners have varying opinions about this woman and her fate.

Watercarvers Guild is especially honored to have Nollaig Casey, their Irish cousin, add her incredible talent on fiddle to the first and last songs of this CD. Nollaig Casey is one of Ireland's most gifted musicians, with her own unique way of playing traditional Irish music on the fiddle and such an utterly distinctive sound that it would be impossible to mistake it for that of anyone else. This “sound” is so attractive to other musicians that there exists hardly any major Irish artist of the last twenty years with whom she has not worked. Nollaig has also recorded and worked with Enya, Van Morrison, Sinéad O’Connor, Nanci Griffith, Ricky Skaggs, Rod Stewart, Emmy Lou Harris, Steve Earle, Mary Black, and The Indigo Girls.

Watercarvers Guild performed at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle with Nollaig and her guitarist husband, Arty McGlynn in the spring of 2002, while the duo were in Seattle on their first U.S. tour. You can hear Nollaig Casey’s beautiful fiddle on “Sailing Away” and “Angel in This House.” Nollaig also has a new solo CD, with instrumental and vocal Irish music, called The Music of What Happened.

Watercarvers Guild would also like to acknowledge Dean Morrissey, whose imaginative artwork graces the cover of Balladeers and Aeronauts with his painting, “Sleeper Flight”. This beautiful painting is from Morrissey’s 1994 book, “Ship of Dreams”, which was awarded "Best Illustrated Children's Book" by The New York Times Book Review. “Sleeper Flight” seems to glow with the hope and promise of adventure and the same holds true for this collection of songs. There’s room for the listeners to jump in and find themselves in this music and spark their own imaginations.

We have MP3 files for Balladeers and Aeronauts available at our Store or you can hear two minute samples of each song at our CDBaby Balladeers and Aeronauts webpage. http://cdbaby.com/cd/watercarversguild2.  Plus, both of our Watercarvers Guild CD’s and individual song selections are available at iTunes and many other music sites.

We’re pleased that CDBaby featured Balladeers and Aeronauts on their Front Page! That's quite an honor, considering that they receive literally thousands of new CD’s each month and only feature a select few on their Front Page. Read their Balladeers and Aeronauts CD review on our Media page.

Photos courtesy of 11th and Grand with Eric Funk, Montana PBS

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