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Comments from David about frisbee and how we couldn't tour without it!

Frisbee is awesome. Whenever we travel to play gigs there’s always a 175 gram Frisbee in the back seat. Twelve months out of the year, rain or snow, night or day, heat or cold, you can find us at the rest stops along the highways throwing Frisbee. Usually we end up “flingin’ bee” in the designated pet area. I will say that it’s important in this area to keep the Frisbee off the ground, and skipping the Frisbee is not encouraged at all.

All of the members of the group are competent Frisbee players, each endowed with unique powers. My dad, for example, has the ability to throw the Frisbee from a backhand position, with the elbow up, at an incredible distance and accuracy. You’d scarcely believe that a man so gifted and developed in the art of Frisbee could have made time for anything else with his life. As a fingerstyle guitarist, he’s always very protective of the nails on his right hand and catches the Frisbee left-handed.

Nathan’s special power may best be seen in his quick spins and radical body repositioning immediately prior to catching the flung Frisbee. As you throw a disc to Nathan, you will rarely be able to guess how he will apprehend the toss. Sometimes a throw at chest height will cause him to leap high into the air and catch the Frisbee between his legs. Often a long, high, drifting toss will hold his attention fixed in a lazy, hypnotic way. The slowly descending disc drifts within three feet of Nathan’s head… he ignites. With a ninja-like reaction he spins a quick 540 degree turn to catch the Frisbee behind his head. You just never know.

The ability to skip the Frisbee off of various surfaces is probably my most finely-honed skill. At rest areas there is always some empty bench which offers a great Frisbee challenge: to skip the Frisbee through the back of the bench, between the seat and back support, off of the seat and angled up and into the hands of the astonished receiver. Oh yeah, they are astonished!

We all love the game. We grew up next to a big park tossing Frisbee and playing endless rounds of folf (Frisbee golf). And as I became the oldest of more brothers and sisters, my parents began inventing new games with the Frisbee. Like the one where you go to the swing sets and get all the kids swinging. Then each parent stands at an end of the swing-line and plays catch through the chorus of screaming pendulum children. It has that same rush of trying to save your dog in eight lanes of traffic.

I know this may not be what you’d expect to find on a comments page, but it had to be said.


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