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I Like To Golf

Music and Lyrics by David Casey

True story that has become part of Casey family lore.  One beautiful spring day I came ambling through my parents’ house looking for someone who would play Frisbee with me.  My brother, Nathan, was sitting lazily in front of the TV.  “Come on.  Let’s fling some ‘bee’!”  I said.  “Can’t.  I’m watchin’ golf,”  said Nathan.  “You’ve got to be kidding me!”  I said and sat down at the piano beside the TV.  And then, totally on the spot, without even thinking, I played “I Like To Golf” straight through.  It sprung forth, fully formed, like a divine revelation.  Except it wasn’t.  But by the time I’d changed keys the fourth time, Nathan was laughing pretty hard and he got up, turned off the TV, grabbed a guitar and chimed in on the last chorus.  Then we went outside and played Frisbee.  Music is very persuasive stuff.

I like to golf
But more than golfing
I like to watch golf
On the TV
To see the people
All happily golfing
I like to golf
We all like to golf


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