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Waiting For You

David Casey

Drop your baggage all aboard
You look like you don’t know why you came
Kiss your family on the face
Remember you were born to bear your father’s name

Don’t you see what’s missing here
Banners fly without a name
Cannonballs all in a row
Nobody ordered to start the war today

Wonderful child, didn’t they even once tell you
You were born to lead us
I remember how the soldiers sang over you
(prophets fought over you)
Wonderful child, we’ve been waiting for the day
You would rise up and lead us
The song is ancient but it’s still unsung
It’s been waiting for you
We’ve been waiting for you

Do you know what this could mean
The languages that no man speaks
Foreign lands without a flag
Native tongues are talking in their sleep

More distant than the traveler’s tale
Finer than the weaver’s thread
Courage, wisdom you are going
To go where no one, no one could be led


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