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Watercarvers Guild
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For immediate release: Watercarvers Guild Concert

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Watercarvers Guild brings their vibrant guitar/mandolin and vocal music to:

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Watercarvers Guild is fast emerging as one of our region's best acoustic ensembles. With an onstage arsenal that includes guitars, mandolin, piano, bouzouki, electric bass and three voices, Watercarvers Guild has a habit of sounding a lot more than a typical folk trio, putting together some of the best melodies and most intricate arrangements this side of Nickel Creek.

Featuring Darrell Casey and grown sons David and Nathan, this band of multi-instrumentalist/singers has been playing together since David and Nathan were old enough to pick up instruments. While they only decided to form into a three piece band in 2000, their lifelong rapport (not to mention their refined skills as musicians and singers) is evident from the moment they hit the stage. While their music shows influences of Celtic, bluegrass, pop and folk, it's the intricate dialogue between instruments and voices that is the signature sound of Watercarvers Guild.

Watercarvers Guild has performed at the Festival at Sandpoint, the Panida Theater , the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, the Sweet Pea Festival, and for numerous performing arts series across the region. "They were an instant hit", says Dyno Wahl, Executive Director of the Festival at Sandpoint. "From the first notes, their performance brought a hush over a crowd of nearly 2,000 people, as our patrons leaned forward to hear the intricate finger guitar, eloquent mandolin and melodious voices blending in sync."

Watercarvers Guild recorded their first CD in 2000. Two years later they recorded a live concert CD and have just completed their new studio CD.

This versatile, acoustic group is a member of Alaska's Touring Roster and Northwest on Tour. Fingerstyle guitarist Darrell Casey has also released two highly successful solo guitar CD's. His music received high praise from Executive Editor of Guitar Magazine, Jon Chappell, saying that his musical styles "recalls the elegance of Chet Atkins and the inventiveness of Michael Hedges. But Casey is wholly original, delivering his intelligent brand of fingerstyle with a sensitive and refined touch."

Darrell will be performing his latest guitar piece, "Remembering Joseph", a tribute to Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, at the upcoming concert. Darrell debuted his new piece for the Nez Perce tribal leaders at a battlefield memorial service in 2004 along the Nex Perce Trail to commemorate the 100 th year anniversary of the death of Chief Joseph.

The name "watercarver" is Darrell Casey's metaphor, developed in the 1970's, to describe the craft of making music. "The watercarver has a real need to create. He has the tools, he has the medium," says Darrell. "He's the one who goes out daily and makes it happen. It's his soul that he's putting into this thing. Through that work, he discovers the meaning of life, so to speak. It's kind of allegorical to what making music is all about. It's something that happens in a very short time and then it's gone."


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Rose Casey, Manager

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