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Watercarvers Guild In-School Workshops

Most of the following programs have been flexibly designed to fit either a 50-minute class, or a full morning or afternoon time slot. Though some of the program descriptions refer to grades 6 through 12, a simpler version of these programs can easily be adapted for younger students.

Remembering Joseph

The centerpiece of this workshop is an instrumental guitar composition by Darrell Casey that vividly portrays the many emotions that Chief Joseph must have felt on this 1400-mile journey with his people. This workshop educates the students with historical facts about Chief Joseph, but also portrays his story in music. Supplemental historical teaching materials available.

Can People Not Named ‘Bob’ Write Poetry?

A workshop for English classrooms. Headed by David Casey, who holds a degree in Education, the poetry of Bob Dylan, Bob (Robert) Frost, Bob (Bobby) Burns (plus a few non-Bobs) is brought to life in music and song in the classroom. Students will:

  • Explore the basic elements of lyric writing.
  • Compare different interpretations of old and new lyrics.
  • Write a short poem in a provided author’s style.

Music = Math?

A unique workshop for Science and Math classes 6th to 12th grade range. Headed by Darrell Casey, who holds a degree in Electronics, the science of sound waves is developed using the guitar as a model. Students will:

  • Explore the frequency, amplitude and shape of sound waves, using an oscilliscope.
  • Be introduced to harmony as it relates to math.
  • Identify, classify and arrange objects according to the objects’ natural pitch and tone.

Elements of Musical Style

Explores music as a symbolic language and exposes students to a wide variety of traditional and unique instruments. Students learn to identify how various rhythmic and melodic patterns and tonal textures help to form the persona of a particular musical style. A fun and exciting program that can be targeted to almost any age group or subject matter.

Tales of the Past, Present and Future

Students participate with their hands, feet and voices during this K through 6th grade assembly where the instruments help tell the stories. A very imaginative, engaging hour.

In addition to these workshops, WATERCARVERS GUILD also offers workshops for music classes of all levels.

Rose Casey, Manager
Phone: 406-442-0417
Email: rose@watercarver.com


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Rose Casey, Manager

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