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I like Jell-O

Music and Lyrics by David Casey

The idea for this song came on a camping trip about six years before I made this album.  My sister, Becky, and I were around the fire, talking about song writing.  I was saying it actually wasn’t too hard if you can just get started.  So we picked a style (easy feelin’ blues), and I started playing.  Then we picked a topic (Jell-O) and started singing and fell into a catchy rhyming scheme.  The whole family wrote several verses that night that no one will ever remember for sure.  This revisited version features some verses that I wrote right before recording the CD, while at the same campsite with my two oldest boys.

I like Jell-O, Jell-O is so great
I wish that I had nothing but Jell-O on my plate
I like Jell-O, Oh oh oh
I like Jell-O, I think it makes me grow
I like Jell-O, dipped in Jell-O, topped with Jell-O

I like Jell-O, Jell-O is so yummy
I got Jell-O on my spoon and Jell-O in my tummy
I like Jell-O, a little more it couldn’t hurt
Please past the Jell-O, it’s my dinner and dessert
I like Jell-O, goodbye and hello, another bite of Jell-O

I like Jell-O, Jell-O is amazin’
I’m likin’ how it’s lookin’ and I’m lovin’ how it’s tastin’
I like Jell-O, man oh man
Please gimme Jell-O, just as fast as you can
Lotsa Jell-O, red or yellow or maybe orange

 J is for Jiggley,  E’s for not Enough of it
L is for like it, L is for Love it
O is for Oh oh oh, I like Jell-O

I like Jell-O, Jell-O is delicious
I’ll baby-sit your Jell-O, there’s no need to be suspicious
I like Jell-O, I keep it in the frigerator
I like Jell-O, I’ll have some now and then some later
I like Jell-O, I’m usually kinda mellow
         until I’m near some Jell-O

I like Jell-O, Jell-O is so good
Me and my homies eatin’ Jell-O in the hood
I like Jell-O, some people say that it’s disgustin’
I like Jell-O, that’s why these Jell-O rhymes I’m bustin’
I like Jell-O, did I mention Jell-O and how I really like it


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