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Music and Lyrics by David Casey

A good friend of our family, Cari, went to South Africa as part of her nursing degree education.  She came back full of stories about how the people just sang everywhere, all the time.  I love to think about people not being so reserved about something so naturally fun and healthy as singing.  She taught us a common South African greeting:  Sanibonani.  You can also hear Cari singing along with my family on this song.

I just made a friend today
I wasn’t very hard to do
I met someone I didn’t know
Smiled and said “Hey, how are you?”

Sanibonani        Sanibonani       
Yebo                             Yebo         

¿Qué tal amigo?        ¿Qué tal amigo?
Bien ¿y tú?                  Bien ¿y tú?

Ça gaze?            Ça gaze? 
Ça va bien                   Ça va bien

Hey, how’s it going? Hey, how’s it going?
I’m fine thanks            I’m fine thanks


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